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Numeric Computer Systems History 

NCS has focused on the needs of the Fast Moving Consumer Goods markets for over 50 years. Over that time, we have stayed abreast of revolutionary changes in the industry, today offering the seventh generation of our software. In 2008, we launched Xpedium Mobility, a division of NCS that focuses on specific solutions for mobile workers. Our software solutions include:

• The NCS eDSD suite is a complete solution developed for the direct store delivery (DSD) industry, meeting the needs of both back office and mobile workers. This solution includes a complete, web-enabled eRMS system to keep track of people, assets and sales, and xMobility-based solutions for route drivers, merchandisers and the field forces.

• NCS .NET-based mobile solutions and Internet-browser-based back office systems are the state of the art for their respective purposes.

• The NCS xMobility suite is a comprehensive platform for the rapid development and of enterprise mobile solutions. These solutions automate direct store delivery (DSD), consumer goods, transportation and logistics, and field service functions.

Key NCS events: 








1967: Founded as Numeric Data Systems, Inc.
1973: Introduced ORA, the first On-line Route Accounting System.
1980: Changed name to Numeric Consultants, Inc.
1982: Introduced the first mobile handheld management system in the Dairy Industry.
1984: Introduced uRMS, the first Unix based in-house Route Management System.
1987: Changed name to Numeric Computer Systems, Inc.
1994: Introduced RMS, the first relational database Route Management System.
1995: Introduced HMS, the first open architecture mobile handheld management system.
1998: Opened Numeric Computer Systems, Inc. of Puerto Rico.
1999: Purchased PDT Mobile and formed Numeric Computer Systems, Inc. in Auckland and New Zealand.
2000: Purchased Resource Technologies.
2002: Merged with Comstar Computer Corporation.
2003: Introduced eRMS the first web enabled Route Management System. 
2004: Introduced xMobility the first .NET based mobile solution for DSD. 
2007: Opened Numeric Computer Systems Inc. of Indonesia.
2008: Opened Xpedium, a division expressly focused on delivering mobile solutions.

NCS has its Corporate Headquarters in Hauppauge, New York and offices in Dallas, San Francisco, San Juan, Auckland, Jakarta and Sydney.