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Xpedium Overview


Xpedium© is a division of Numeric Computer Systems that was established to meet the needs of companies that already have an Accounting and ERP type system and are looking for a mobility solution to complement it. Xpedium © xMobility is a comprehensive product suite designed to deliver reliable and cost effective mobile work force solutions from virtually any host system on a variety of devices, including ruggedized handhelds, tablets, smart phones, and vehicle optimization products. The Xpedium © product line is used with eRMS or your current or planned host system.

  • From Accounting/ERP integration to graphical dashboards that give management a near real-time window into field sales, delivery and merchandising operations, the xMobility Suite is easy to deploy and can be quickly tailored to match customer specific requirements and multiple hardware configurations.

  • A key component is the xMobility middleware (called xLink) modular software product.

  • xMobility Suite integrates the technology you need today to manage your vehicles, your field employees and your customer facing operations. Be compliant, be safe, be efficient and be more profitable.