Why Proof of Delivery Software Is Important

In the delivery sector of today, at least 20-25% of consumers are willing to pay substantial premiums for the same-day delivery; this prompts most companies to close the gap between customer satisfaction and their businesses by providing topnotch services.

Companies are offering these services through various tech platforms that can also be operated through your smartphone. Thus, delivering a more efficient and satisfactory delivery experience.

One feature which assists in creating an improved delivery experience while reducing friction between consumers and companies is Proof of Delivery, it is the one thing which you can leverage to compete and win in the on-demand economy.

What is Proof of Delivery?

Proof of Delivery (POD) is an important component of the delivery system as it serves as a vital acknowledgment to mark the end of the delivery, displaying that it has been completed.

By using the Proof of delivery software in delivery apps, not only do companies have the guarantee that packages were delivered successfully in the said time duration, but they can also track and check the progress of the delivery. This helps companies in identifying potential issues before they transform into major liabilities.

POD software and its usage are growing rapidly as more and more companies are incorporating it into their delivery networks and workflows to make all the processes hassle-free.

In simple terms, Proof of Delivery is software that generates a document that confirms receipt of an item. Every recipient must sign for receipt of the respective mail indicating the date and sometimes even the time when the mail item was delivered to them. A duplicate copy of the Proof of Delivery receipt is also provided to the sender.

Why is POD important?

POD is important for many reasons, but the most important is that it saves time of delivery companies while reducing the friction between businesses and customers. A driver could capture photos, get text notes and signatures through the POD feature in the app. The attachments will automatically sync to orders within the dashboard. Thus, making it easy for the administrative team to store and collect information.

Because of easy access to Proof of Delivery files, your company will have no disputes between your organization and customers, which will give you superior customer satisfaction. Thus, giving you the edge over your competition.

With a POD software, your team can easily manage the last-mile more professionally and minimize friction throughout the entire day to keep your operations team, drivers, and customers satisfied!

Benefits of using POD

Some of the benefits of using a POD are:

  • monitor driver accountability

  • minimize friction and potential disputes between consumers and companies

  • remove unnecessary paperwork from your operations

  • proof of delivery could be easily provided to a customer because of the integrated software, which is linked with customer accounts.

Due to the increased demand for delivery services, there are many new delivery businesses opening up. If you want to stay on top of the mountain, then it is important that you offer your customers something that other delivery service providers aren’t offering. Proof of delivery software could make all the difference.

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