What is Dairy Management Software

The purpose of Dairy Management Software is to manage dairy farms. Now, with the help of the latest technology, you can monitor each activity that is happening on your farms while recording them automatically. Also, the software helps in driving all your hard work towards increased sales at a minimum cost. Dairy farm management software is a simple yet useful application that helps by increasing profits and enhancing dairy herd fertility. With dairy farming software, you can also record breeding events with the help of a smartphone. It could also send notifications to your smartphone as to when are future breeding opportunities expected.

Dairy management software can make your day-to-day dairy-related activities much easier. From managing the cattle in your farm to milking and product distribution, the milk management software takes care of everything. The entire process gests streamlined, as you can easily track the movement of fresh milk from the farm gate to the silo plant. Along with milk processing and production, dairy software also helps in plant ordering, demand scheduling, reporting, and accounting.

Some of the most important features of dairy management software are:

Cattle Management

With dairy software, you can easily manage a database consisting of every kind of animal on your farm. You can also monitor their health details along with food habits, weight, etc. Receiving all the details related to cattle births and milking patters is very simple with a dairy management software.

Managing Multiple Cattle Species

You can smoothly manage different types of cattle species at different places to maximize your profits, with the help of dairy software. Various species will have distinct breeding and eating patterns, which you can take care of with the help of a dairy management software.

Mobile Operation

Most of the dairy operations are carried at the offsite, making cattle farming a largely mobile industry. Therefore, it becomes impossible to use a desktop-based dairy software every time. Many diary softwares are compatible with both Android and iOS so that you can manage everything through your cell phone.


There are many dairy management software available in the market, but the best ones are those that are able to operate at different platforms, be it a cellphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Automatic Notifications

Because of automatic alerts, farmers and breeders can easily keep track of their animals. Notifications in the animal’s lifecycle events like drying up, vaccination, PD check, weight check are sent directly to farmers via SMS alerts.

Recording and Monitoring

Every animal’s lactation details are recorded into the dairy management software. The average interval in which you want the records can be decided only by you. It can be done every week or every day, depending on your requirements.

Report analysis

You can easily analyze and generate reports of various kinds with the help of dairy management software. It also allows you the analyze and store animal sensor information like AI date, heat date, PD date, weight measurement, and Calving date.

Balanced feeding programs

Because of the report analysis, you can effortlessly create customized diet charts for every animal. Thus, making the feeding process cost-effective.

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