Businessman using mobile smartphone. App
Businessman using mobile smartphone. App
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The xRoute Mobile Enterprise Application Platform focuses on three main areas of benefits to the customer for use and ongoing development:

  • Services Oriented Architecture

    • Customers gain significant leverage from one application development platform where over 200 services can be assembled for various work flows to fit multiple mobile worker profiles such as Proof of Delivery, Order Management, Inventory & Fleet Management.

    • Based on the Microsoft Mobility Technology Stack, familiar Microsoft Development Tools may be used to enhance and extend the application and associated data base throughout the enterprise.

    • Custom development of unique business solution services can be implemented at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional approaches as only the new service operations and the linkage to the data base must be tested. Even reports associated with the new service are developed externally from the new service business logic and code.

  • Customer Specific Application Adaptation

    • The costs and frustrations that customers have often traditionally experienced are virtually eliminated by xRoute’s localization capabilities.

    • Screens, labels, tabs, lists and more can be added or changed within the framework to tailor xRoute to the customer’s business environment.

    • Sales invoices and other documents may be created and enhanced without software programming.

    • xRoute is capable of operating on any Windows Mobile platform so device choices are abundant for the particular use case.

  • Customer Specific Business Rules Implementation

    • xRoute allows easy access to business logic rule creation and configuration.

    • Xpedium designs focus on Business Objectives rather than Technology.

    • Makes the solution yours rather than conforming to someone else’s software.


Applications are configured by inserting predefined industry specific services into the workflow at the appropriate point. Over 140 services to choose from.

Building reports for use in your mobile solution is easy with our graphical report designer. Reports can be inserted into the workflow and are viewable and printable.


  • xRoute is based on highly configurable, predefined workflow, business rules and activities called Services.

  • The inclusion of selected services in the xRoute configuration and how those services are configured within themselves, direct how xRoute will execute for various work flows and overall applications such as Proof of Delivery or Presales and Merchandising.

  • Activities within Services can be sequenced in a particular work flow order depending on the work process requirement and designated to be performed optionally or as mandatory.

  • All activities are designed to meet your specific business needs in the format that most suits your requirements. You have the option to provide the flexibility your field operations team needs while retaining the ability to dictate the specific configurations and required steps of your process.

  • Screens can be configured by editing our XML definition files and reports can be created and modified using our graphical report writer tool. The system allows the use of SQL queries to interface the data base, perform calculations and display data based on the customer’s business rules.