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  • Many people view Middleware as simply the hub through which data flows between our host, the customer, the mobile device and back again.

  • At Xpedium, we view Middleware as an opportunity to offer valuable features and services to our customers that they might not otherwise have due to systems that were not designed to be mobile.

  • Route order history and customer sales history can be managed by our middleware to facilitate more accurate route orders and customer orders by route sales people.

  • Customer promotions can be changed and managed more real time.

  • Route schedules can be set up and managed.

  • Tasks, surveys, messages and schedules are available for supervisor direction.

  • Electronic archiving of all documents especially those control documents and customer invoices with both electronic signature capture and store stamp images for complete electronic document retrieval and PDF emailing solution.


xLink is an essential component in the xMobility Suite. By providing customers with a method to stage data, the customer has the opportunity to supplement their data with the critical business intelligence that is not normally found in standard accounting systems and ERPs. In addition, xLink is the perfect host for incoming data that is business critical but not supported by customer legacy systems.

A sampling of functions delivered in xLink are:


  • Route Scheduling

  • Promotion Management

  • Asset Management

  • Pricing and Product Management

  • Customer Management

  • Survey Creation and Distribution

  • Message Creation and Distribution

  • Task Creation and Distribution

  • Document Archive

  • Reports and Much More


xLink allows customers to enhance functionality by offering a suite of industry specific utilities all geared toward improving the mobile experience.

Schedule by Rep and Customer

Sequence Customers on Route

Provide Estimated Start and End Times

Archive every document generated by your rep, sales person or technician. Documents are saved as they were printed with signatures, store stamps and formatting.