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eRMS Manufacturing and Inventory software allows the effective management of raw materials, production and inventory for single or multiple plants & distribution centers. It drives capacity planning, production scheduling, cost component tracking and back flushing while enabling standard costing and reporting that are critical to managing today’s production environment.

The finished goods management module tracks product from the production line through the warehouse and is integrated with DRP.

This fully functioning manufacturing inventory software drives benefits in each of these areas. It also offers full reporting capabilities, including a number of preconfigured reports, across the environment.


Developed with the most advanced technology.

eRMS Route Manufacturing:

• Operates on Windows, Power i, UX, and more

• Deploys on SQLServer, Oracle, DB2 and more

• Uses a cutting edge web browser or even text


eRMS Manufacturing completely and efficiently manages:


• Forecasting

• Procurement

• Costing

• Raw Material Inventory

• Finished Goods Inventory