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  • Accurate Mileage by State Report for IFTA Reporting

  • Accurate Location Reporting (no trucks in the ocean)

  • NO Lost Data or Daily Backlogs  Idle and Stop Times Reported Accurately

  • Guaranteed Delivery of Data in Both Directions

  • Full Data Exchange with In-house Legacy Systems

  • Dot Reporting based on accurate Mileage by State Report and HOS with Compliance Monitor

  • Pre and Post Trip Inspection reports with Vehicle maintenance monitoring system based on time, mileage and hours


  • Calculates & accumulates mileage every second for extreme accuracy

  • Checks geo-fences for stops on predefined routes every second

  • Compares readings constantly to evaluate if a vehicle is moving or stopped

  • Eliminates bad GPS readings by comparing them to prior readings taken only seconds before

  • Stores data until it is confirmed in the database on the server

  • Eliminates GPS drift by having the device detect movement using special algorithms that can differentiate between bouncing GPS signals and actual vehicle movement

  • Manages input from multiple sensors and digital I/O devices

  • Interfaces with data terminals to send and receive data and can store data locally if a terminal is out of its dock saving customers hundreds of dollars per vehicle per year in network fees alone

  • Provides terminal applications with location data, satellite timestamps, sensor status, vehicle status and more


  • Xpedium’s xTrack line is more than simple vehicle tracking.

  • xTrack is a platform for managing your driver, your vehicle and can even be used as the communications engine for terminals and navigation devices.

  • xTrack is the central collection point for OBD data, sensor data, temperature monitoring and a host of other input options.

  • xTrack has the features you need today to monitor HOS driver compliance , eliminate paper logs, inspect vehicles, eliminate idling and more.