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Our eCommerce B2B and B2C product offering is fully integrated within our eRMS suite. It creates a self-service front end that lets customers fulfill, change and check the status of orders on their own timeline. Customers are able to check prices and quantities as well as see their past ordering history and make adjustments as needed – all within their schedule. This moves them outside the typical order window so they can react as their business dynamics dictate.


eRMS has been developed with using advanced technologies. It is platform independent (supporting Windows, UX and iSeries and database independent as well (supporting SQLServer, Oracle and DB2).

It features a stateless architecture that allows eRMS to scale to the size of your operations and is both browser and text based, as required. The Technology uses an object orient approach that allows you to configure the software to your specific requirements and to easily integrate with other internal or 3rd party systems. . It interfaces with multiple ERP systems as well as EDI.

Our technology also supports both Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud Computing options to meet your needs.


Offer consumers an easier way to do business!

eCommerce B2C allows the user to:


• Enter Orders

• Review Orders

• Check Prices

• Review Invoices

• Reprint Invoices and Delivery Tickets with Signature Capture

• Report Service Issues

• Register

• And much more!