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  • Substantial ability to upgrade and effectively monitor customer servicing metrics and customer relationship management via exception reporting and alerts of non performance against service level agreements.

  • Increase number of customer visits or stops per day from more effective routing and time management via truly accurate GPS Vehicle Tracking, Geo Fencing and exception reporting.

  • Fuel and Vehicle Maintenance Savings.

  • More effective use of Sales and Operations Management time.

  • Ability to tailor and implement the correct mix of business rules that focus on the business and the required results.

  • Open architecture and best-of-breed partnerships to allow for use of third-party specialty products such as Route Optimization and Scheduling.


  • The Xpedium Business Operations Center (i.e. BOC) provides customers with up to real time reporting on field activities that their current systems may not provide.

  • The BOC is used by customers to augment or compensate for deficiencies in their current business solutions in critical reporting areas including Inventory Management, Fleet Management and Sales Management.

  • Depending on the use of Wide Area Radio or GPS tracking, the BOC provides real-time tracking of vehicles including sales and other relevant customer servicing statistics via Google Maps and other graphical tools.

  • The BOC provides Sales Management with true accuracy of reporting to make timely decisions, communicate with field personnel and use exception metrics based reporting to hold field sales people accountable and implement credible pay for performance plans.

  • We turn data into a valuable business asset presented via a suite of Maps, PDFs, Graphical Dashboards and Reports.


  • Based on Microsoft SQL Server, Integration Services and Analysis Services

  • OLAP cube based on Customer, Product. Rep, and Route dimensions

  • Integrates inbound revenue data extracted from invoices in real-time

  • Integrates performance data collected throughout the mobile process

  • Dimension data maintained through deltas to insure the proper display of historical data